• judy_r8

    proper diet.

  • A bottle brush.

  • cruachanmusic

    A high powered drill, and a metal brush attachment.

  • luis n

    it cleans your coloon ?i dunno

  • juicy_wishun

    a small amount of warm, soapy water squirted up the butt. But why do people think that their colon is -supposed- to be clean?

  • Jenintn


  • mingojun


  • Linzi T

    My mom gave me prune juice, although it wasnt very good….

  • nido_tr3s

    Actually, we use a product called "Colon Cleanse" (it’s in a big white jar that has a drawing of a colon on it). You can get it at the drug store. It is psyllium husks and works wonders for your colon health and overall health. It’s only $9 a bottle.

  • consume the daily requirement of fiber, which is 20 grams, I’ve heard.

  • XenonAudio

    Pretty much any laxative or stool softener. Check with your local doctor or pharmacist for details, instructions, and recommendations.

  • Johnny P

    Oral saline laxative. Tastes great, less filling!

  • Sam D

    A healthy balanced diet can provide all of the colon cleansing that you need without the risk — all for a reasonable price too! Eat a varied diet that contains lots of fruits and vegetables. Include whole grain cereals and breads, bran, and beans, and limit unhealthy fats and refined sweets. Drink plenty of water and other low-calorie, non-caffeinated beverages such as herbal tea. Prune juice can boost your bowels into action if needed.

  • Susan M

    Eat a high fiber diet and drink plenty of water and herbal tea. You could see if there is someone in your area who does colonics.

  • crct2004

    Pickle juice, It’s yummy and it works pretty fast. The vinegar also helps thin blood, fatty arteries etc.

    I would not do the enema type stuff, your natural bacteria helps brake things down, and you don’t want to wash it out.

    I am no expert, just my intuitive opinion/experience.

  • mickeyg1958

    Aloe juice, about 2 ounces per day. Buy the high quality stuff, some is watered down. Do the cabbage soup diet on occasion.

  • Rockachopa

    what a GOOD question. a garden hose turned on. its cool,refreshing, and brisk. but for sensative rectums, use warm water from a shower, with a hose. The next step would be to let it leak out, and repeat untill you feel satisfied.
    dont let the hose put to much water in, because you might start to sweel up and perhaps tear inside. then you would have bloody poops and get an infection, the opposite of cleasning.

  • Cheryl E

    about 8000 mgs of organic flax seed oil a day. take 2000 with each meal and 2000 before bed. do this at least for 3 months…can continue indefinitely. not only is the flax seed oil a natural gentle intestinal cleanser it’s omega fatty acids straighten out brain receptors and you can just feel good all over.

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