Thyroid nodule question?

My 27 year old wife has been diagnosed with a thyroid nodule. She had blood work and it is functioning normal. In a couple of days she will havea biopsy done to rule out cancer. Her doctor told her that it is common for women to get a nodule after pregnancy (She had our son last year) Has anyone ever heard of mothers getting the nodule after pregnancy? Thanks….


  • cbrdgt

    Well Rick, it is extremely common for women to had nodules on their thyroid, however, I’ve never heard (from my doctors) of the link between nodules and pregnancy. I’ve found this link that talks about different thyroid conditions and pregnancy. How did she find the nodule, did she have any symptoms?

    It is very common for women over 50 to have a nodule, 1 out of every 2 have at least one. Some "questionable" signs are: a hard nodule that doesn’t move. 2. a "cold" nodule, this would be applicable for ultrasounds.

    She most likely has nothing to worry about, 95% of nodules are begnin. Just to let you know, normal blood work and function doesn’t mean anything… I’m 21, had all normal blood (including TSH) work and functioning, and my nodule turned out to be cancer.

    God bless!

  • sdixon0401

    I was actually just diagnosed with thyroiditis about 2 months ago. My thyroid was under productive. The doctor told me the same thing. He said that because the thyroid produces a hormone, it can become unbalanced after pregnancy because pretty much all hormones are going crazy at that point. He said they would check it every so often to see if the medicine is working or to see if it was just from pregnancy.

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