Natural remedy to cure ADHD?

My son is using Alderal 25mg XR to cure ADHD. I need to find the natural way to cure ADHD. Is there any one has experience about natural cure for ADHD ? Please help !


  • Qurṭuba

    Give your son fish oil. Read this Daily Mail article entitled:
    Fish oil ‘calms children better than Ritalin’:

    …….and read about the Durham study involving children:
    "66% of the children at the beginning of the trial had ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ concentration. After taking an Omega 3 fish oil supplement for 5 months, 79% of children had ‘good’ or ‘very good’ levels of concentration. All the children who were rated as ‘poor’ concentrators at the beginning had improved to ‘moderate’ or ‘good’." ……………….quoted verbatim from the Durham County Council website:

    You could also give him a little chamomile or lemon balm tea if he will drink it.

    Plus check all labels and don’t give your son anything containing aspartame, monosodium glutamate, E number colourings/additives, and other "flavour enhancers" as they are sometimes labeled on packaging [which is always suspiciously vague]. Too much sugar might also impact on behaviour.

    A childrens chewable magnesium/calcium tablet might help also… a source of magnesium thaty helps the nervous system. Magnesium is best taken in combination with calcium so is often sold as a combined formula. Another supplement safe for children from 5-7 years and older [NOT younger children]……. that is good for the nervous system is Brewers Yeast, as a source of B vitamins….if the child is not allergic to yeast. But do NOT give Yeastvite as that has caffeine as an added ingredient so is not suitable for children.

    Hope that helps.

  • coley200722

    I think there is a connection between the amount of oxygen a person gets and ADHD look at your son watch to see if he is taking very shallow breaths and make sure HIS DIET IS LOW IN ACIDITY PEOPLE HAVE CURED adhd WITH THE RIGHT DIET. Also there is this great supplement called adrenal support it makes me feel calm I take it when I have to do something that makes me a little anxious. I think the most important thing though is diet lots of brown rice squash sweet potatoes and non citrus fruits like pears give it a try.

  • SkepDoc 3.0

    I’m sorry but there is no cure for ADHD but there are treatments that are effective for most kids.
    There is no diet, no supplement that is effective in moderating the symptoms.

  • Although legally using the word "cure" is not accepted when talking about natural remedies (only the Doctors and Pharmacies are allowed to do that) =), I would definetely recommend taking your son to see a health kinesiologist. For more information on that you may visit my blog:

    As a recommended product to use I would highly recommend "Behavior Balance" by Obvious – link listed below. Good Luck.

  • Steve P

    ADHD is a spectrum disorder that means that it is based on a checklis tof symptoms and can vary from individual to individual. No one really knows what causes it and different things work for different people.

    I am an educational therapist and have years of success with supporting families and children with ADHD using an integrated holistic programme which is completely client focused and measures the effectiveness of the programme.

    This approach involves idnetifying behaviours that need to change, seting goals and consistent boundaries, emotional management, diet, exercise, core issues, negative patterns, dynaics, relaxation techniques, cellular support and eco therapy projects as an alterntive curriculum for earning success.

    In over 10 years this programme has achieve in excess of 85% success rate and is commended by OFSTED and won awards.

    The programme is complementar wich means it can be used alongside medication without side effects and drug interaction.

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