Does anybody know much about high cholesterol?

When you grocery shop and look for low cholesterol foods, what number is too high?


  • Michele W

    Yes!! I have high cholesterol and know a lot about it now since I started monitoring mine about a year ago.
    The American Heart Association recommends that healthy individuals limit their cholesterol intake to 300 mg and those with heart disease to less than 200 mg. So, when you’re at the market, look at the back of the packages and start calculating what you’re eating in a day. That wil give you the best indication if the food item you picked is too high or too low. If an item is near or over the recommended amount, obviously put it down.
    I lowered my cholesterol (the LDL or "bad" cholesterol) by eating oatmeal a couple times a week, drinking pomegranate juice (it is said that it lowers cholesterol) and cutting back my consumption of red meat and cheese (switch to low-fat) and eating turkey/chicken instead. When I eat eggs, I only eat the white part now.
    If changing your diet doesn’t help, it might just be hereditary and your doctor will prescribe cholesterol lowering medicine, but I would definitely only take that as a last resort, especially if you are young (since it messes with your liver).

  • Azz R

    Yeah I’ve heard of it

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