Do colon cleansing products really work?

I have seen so many advertisements for colon cleansing products but are they really as effective and safe as they say?


  • Angie

    Yes! Is the short answer 🙂
    Colon cleansing products do work – and some are so safe you can use them at least twice a month. Good colon health can be the difference between having a lazy, sluggish day – or a energy-filled day.

    A couple weeks ago I was looking into a colon cleansing product because my energy level was just super low and it was depressing.

    I found this site:
    They have a lot of good info –

    Like this article helped me out a lot:

    It’s about detoxification and why colon health is so important.

    Colon cleansing worked for me… I used the brand Core Cleanse. I got my energy back, and I even lost a few pounds! Drink lots of water and keep your colon clean!!

  • Diana

    Colon cleansing is a form of detox, not a weight loss technique. Alot of what you describe above is a sales gimmick. You may drop some weight with a colon cleanse, but most will only drop 2-5 lbs. The moment you eat it may come back. If you eat alot of processed foods and animal products you may drop more weight instantly as it takes a long process to digest. In and out foods such as fresh fruits and veggies help push food through and you will be lighter.
    If you are really congested in your digestive system you may feel a little nauseated or tired and even break out a little. When you use a colon cleanse it moves all this stuff inside you and different parts of the intestines produce different chemicals to break things down. Just plan on a light day. Also be aware that you normally do colon cleanses in a group over several weeks.

  • KW097

    yes some really work. you just have to be careful about which ones your choose. and you might should ask a doctor before taking it. The ones i have heard the most good reviews about are nature cleanse and purity cleanse.. they are well known and a lot of people purchase them. you can read more on them here

    hope this was helpful.

  • Omoafro

    Benefits of a Herbal Colon Cleansing Supplement

    The body is like a highly functional machine. A machine as we well know must go through a period of complete readjustment, cleaning, realigning, refurbishing et.c so also should our body. In our daily activities, we forget to check our bodies. We forget to take care of our bowels and as result, we sometimes become less effective than we are supposed to be.

    Let me explain. Let’s say you’ve got this very important meting that you need to be at and just about the time you sat down, you had this terrible urge to go. What do you do? Leave the delegation and go spend thirty minutes in the loo while keeping them waiting? Imagine what harm that can do to your business. So you see that not cleaning out your bowels can adversely affect the results you pursue. To effectively carry out an evacuation of your bowels, it is best to take something that will not affect or interfere with your daily activities. This is where using herbal supplements come in.

    Other forms require you to use interfering methods that you would not like. For example if you were to do a hydrotherapy, you would end up spending about ninety minutes in the clinic or at home. For more information

    Top 5 Options for Colon Cleansing Treatments

    The colon is a very important part of the body in that it is in part, responsible for the elimination of waste in the form of feces. It functions in the capacity of reabsorption of food nutrients and water. However, it is possible for the colon to be unable to carry out its job effectively. When this happens the colon develops what is called an impaction.

    This is a situation where all or part of the feces that is supposed to be passed out remains in the colon causing constipation and inhibiting normal bowel movements, not to mention other symptoms like bad breath, bloating, abdominal cramps etc. This waste material that is residual in the colon can result in the toxic poisoning of the system as a result of the re-absorption of the waste materials. When this occurs there is a need for colon cleansing which simply is the cleaning of the large and small intestine of any waste materials that has been lodged there as a result of the bowel’s inability to expel it.

    Colon cleansing should be regular event in any one’s life given the fact that we all pas feces which can have remnants lodged in our bodies. This is important because it has been shown that the average adult has between five and forty pounds of waste materials deposited in the bowel. Therefore, you see the need for a regular colon cleansing exercise.

    However, colon cleansing comes in various methods:
    1. The use of Enemas
    2. The use of Laxatives
    3. Using oxygen-based cleansers
    4. Colon hydrotherapy
    5. Herbal supplements

    As with everything in life, these techniques have both got their pluses and minuses.

    Check the link below for further information and my recommended product. There is a two months free trial offer on this product at the moment.

  • Margaret

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