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    Gout is caused by the formation of crystallized uric acid in the joints. People with gout are unable to properly excrete the uric acid that is in their body. This excessive uric acid can be caused by under performing kidneys, an increase in the production of uric acid by the body, or an increase in the consumption of foods that lead to an increase in uric acid levels.

    It is difficult to tell you exactly what to do to resolve your problem since I don’t know your health history. However, my advice for anyone who is suffering from gout would be to drink a lot of water, and avoid foods that cause a built up of uric acid in the joints: Consumption of foods with high levels of purines. Purines are the chemicals in food that are metabolized by the body into uric acid. Foods known to increase uric acid include shellfish, organ meat (liver, kidney), red meat, alcohol, dried peas, creamy sauces, sardines, diet sodas and anchovies.

    Also, try consuming purine-neutralizing foods, such as fresh fruits (especially cherries and strawberries) and most fresh vegetables, diluted celery juice, distilled water, and B-complex and C vitamins can help.

    Finally, use the following supplements:

    Vitamin C – may increase in urinary excretion of uric acid within a few hours when 4 grams are taken daily. Might lower risk of gout attack.

    Folic Acid – may help to reduce uric acid levels

    Quercetin – may inhibit an enzyme involved in the development of gout. Quercetin acts as an antihistamine an anti-inflammatory and as a powerful antioxidant

    Lithumheel – (an homeopathic product from "Heel", a german company), is the remedy used for the elimination of uric acid. You can buy this product online at http://www.pacifichealth.com/cgi-bin/shop.pl/page=heelbhi.html

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  • kellyclarksonluver235

    cut your toes off

  • ladynamedjane

    my mom swore by cherries and cherry juice, also she would not eat pork at all!!!!!!!!!

  • gout is from lack of fruit. Drink orange juice

  • jackie N

    I read that you should "drink an infusion of 2 teaspoons of celery seed or gravelroot in a cup of water, three times a day, in order to rid the body of excess uric acid."


    drink plenty of fluids, particularly cherry juice and avoiding sugar.


    "reduce or eliminate your intake of fish, meat, and poultry."

  • moneak g

    there is a remedy for gout and it is eating natural herbs and get a foot detoxiant…talk to a herbal nutrient…they will give u wonderful information

  • kathy_is_a_nurse

    Visit http://www.goutcure.com. They have an herbal product that reduces the uric acid in the body…the cause of gout. My Mom uses it and has been very please.

  • Brendan B

    Usually colchicine is used medicinally for gout-it is also used to clean swimming pools, and is poisonous. By far, the most effective, takes around a week, is black cherry juice concentrate. 2 tablespoons, three times a day until the uric acid build-up is gone. Get it at GNC.

  • Steve R

    Stay away from the foods that cause it like chocolate, tea, coffee, spinach and beer.

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