What can make a sport your natural high?

Why can a sport be your natural high?
Why is it important ?

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  • ranunculusviridis

    What is a Natural High?

    A Natural High is an activity, art form, or sport that you LOVE to do and makes you feel good inside.
    A Natural High does not involve drugs and alcohol.
    Everyone has at least one Natural High, no exceptions.
    Make friends with like minded individuals by engaging in your Natural High.

    NOTE: My own Natural High is tae kwan do. I began training at age 56 and received my first degree black belt at 60. Although sidetracked by ailing health for the ten years since then, my plan is to train for and receive second degree by the time I am 80. That’s how much of a Natural high it became for me! Why is it important? It is hard work, lots of fun and can add years to one’s life!

    Go for it!

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