Thyroid question?

I’ve always have a hard time losing weight and if I even looked at a muffin I gain weight. I finally asked my doctor about it and he sent me to a radiologist to get a thyroid sonogram. He just informed me that I have a 1 cm swelling? I didn’t understand what he was saying coz I was on my cell. I have an appointment with him next week to talk more. He told me I have to go to an endocrinologist. I had my blood work done too and he said my cholesterol was fine.

Does this mean I’ll finally lose weight? I did the atkins, south beach etc–went to the gym regularly– and I was really strict and I did lose some but not a lot. My friend who did the diet with me lost twice the amount of weight I did and really quickly–she practically had the same height and weight as I did. I gained the weight back twice as fast. It was horrible.


  • LasVegasMomma

    You probably have an underactive thyroid. Since there is swelling they need to figure out why. It could be an autoimmune disorder or your thyroid could be developing abnormal tissue. The endocrinologist will help you regulate your thyroid with medication. This will be a lifelong condition and you will probably have to take medication for the rest of your life. You weight and slower metabolism MAY be caused by your underactive thyroid. Regulating your thyroid will probably help keep you from gaining more weight, but you will have to work to lose the weight you have now just like everyone else.

    Good Luck. Next time try to remember to turn off your cell phone when you are the doctors. Then you will know what they are saying instead of asking Yahoo! answers to guess what your doctor told you.

  • ndtaya

    No, I am on thyroid meds and I see an endocrinologist and I’m still a fatty.

  • coffee_addict

    It sounds like you may have a form of hypothryroidism or even inflatmation around your thyrorid glands. THAT can cause some major weight issues, along with other things. Other signs would be fatigue, dry skin, and digestion problems.

    I think you’re on the right track, however.

    The best thing that can be done about this is synthetic thyroid hormones, like synthroid. This can make people drop lots of weight, i’ve seen it firsthand- provided of course, that there are no other weight issues going on and the person is relatively healthy.

    Anyways, I provided a link. Look it up. Best of wishes.

  • Melli

    It depends…did he say you have hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism? Do you have a goiter? Did he mention Hashimoto’s syndrome? You need to find out for sure because it could also mean that you will gain weight. My overweight friend just had her thyroid removed about 7 months ago and she has gained about 30 pounds since and she was already 270 pounds prior to surgery.

  • selidus

    It depends on your situation….hopefully for you, if you do have a thyroid issue, the meds will help. But a blood screening should also look at tryclycerides-amount of sugar in your blood, as well as levels of insulin and cortisol. Ask your doctor about that, as all of those factors if unchecked can lead to your metabolism slowing down, and a tendancy to store fat. If you smoke, or are on birth control, those are other factors that mess with your hormones and keep the metabolism slow, and your body out of homeostasis.

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