i think i have a thyroid condition please help?

these are all my symptons that match with the symptons of a thyroid condition:

bad headaches (i get these everyday and take 4 parcetomols everyday from awful headaches)
gain weight and extremley difficult to lose weight (so many diets i have tryed, this is so hard)
memory loss/forgetfulness
mood swings (i am a teenager)
exhaustion (all the time i had shingles last month because of tirednes i am tired all the time)
aches everywhere
depressed sometimes (feel low all the time and then suddenly change mood)
fuzzy thinking
sometimes constipation

i looked on websites and these were all symptons of Hypothyroidism Symptoms

what should i do?
do you think that these symptons is it?

lily xx


  • You already asked this question few times now. ?!

  • Fred S

    Hi lily, that’s one possible but also unlikely condition (simple blood tests from your doctor will be able to diagnose that), just being a teenager with minimal exercise and a bad diet could also give you these symptoms.

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