hey how to i clanse my colon?

well i am fourteen and am a boy. is there like natural ways to clean my colon, like drinking a lot o water? if so how much water, or how much of another way.

thank youi this is really important to me.


  • Toning Girl

    Why do you want to cleanse your colon? For health reason or because it’s a "hip" thing to do?

    Well, adults do cleanse their colons because they want to be healthy. They do it by:

    1. Detoxification – meaning they either go on a certain diet that aims to cleanse their body sytems, colon included. The diet which normally consists of foods (fruits & veges & substances) that have the cleansing and detoxification properties in them, to aid in the detox process

    2. Fasting – water fast or juice fast or fast for one or two meals for a number of days, to allow their body systems to rest and get repaired and get"cleansed" in the process

    Ahem…..You’re only 14, I don’t think it’s advisable for you to do the above because you need nutrients from food to help you grow.

    Well, what you can do is this:

    -eat lots of fruits & veges; they’ve the cleansing properties in them, the fiber, to help you flush out toxins and unclean stuff in your body.

    -eat high-fiber food; they’re especially good for constipation. Constipation is the breeding ground for toxic materials accumulating in your body

    -drink plenty of water; just water OK?Not sweeteaned beverages, fruit juices ladened with sugar or gassy cokes or colas.

    Try it. I guarantee you’ll "flush" out toxins every day!

  • How is it possible to clean your colon? Take a wash cloth and soap and wash it. There is no way to clean your colon as you are saying.

  • 4everinschool

    Please talk to your doctor before doing anything. How’s your diet besides this? Do you eat enough vegtables, fiber, fruits?
    The point to this…see your doctor and discuss what and why you’d like to cleanse your colon…

  • eat a lot of fibrous foods; fruits, veggies, whole grain breads,oatmeal, brown rice. Water helps, but fibrous food is the key. FRESH fruits like apples and carrots, salads, etc is what you want to eat to help keep your colon healthy. Good luck.

  • Yes, my doctor used to tell me to drink prune juice and about 6 to 8 glasses of water. That is a natural way to clean our your colon.

  • BabeHeart

    Drinking a lot of water will cause you to urinate more. It won’t necessarily cause your colon to empty, but will help keep you from becoming impacted as the body needs plenty of fluid to function properly.

    A colon cleanse is something you should discuss with your doctor, if it is needed. Our body eliminates waste as it was designed to. There’s rarely a need to cause that to occur ahead of schedule.

  • maerivsa

    Ha ha ha!!! You are kidding right??!!!!! You are 14? Man they do start younger and younger these days!!! Get an enema or stick a garden hose up your butt!! Oh God!! I have tears coming out of my eyes!! LMAF!!! Thanks for the good laugh!!! You are too much!!! LOL!!!

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  • Cutedervish

    I think what may cause constupation (if thats what you are referring to), is a lack, or too much fiber in your diet. Fiber is like organic material long weaved from everyhting that constitutes a fruit or a vegetable. Make sure that you have enough of it every day, and not jut pizza and chinese. Also, colon problems may have to do with your age, so best of all – don’t worry about it:)

  • flicflac

    Try pyslium husk – available from any health food shop. Failing that there is a product called colon clean which does the same thing.

  • texgirl1966

    If your parents will buy this for you go to http://www.drnatura.com
    This stuff is a little expensive but worth the money. It works very well on cleansing your insides. You are a little young but they do have products on this site for children.

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