Colon Cleansing?

I am thinking about do a colon cleans. Does any one know anything about it. I have been doing some reading and researching on a couple of different products. But my main question is: Do I need to take a couple of days off of work for this. Am i going to be on the toliet all the time???


  • Maryn Bittner

    Princess, this is medical quackery at its finest. There is no legitimate reason to cleanse your colon unless you’re getting a colonoscopy. You don’t have toxins in there, and they’re not poisoning you. Flushing everything out will result in weight loss not because it’s healthy but because poop and future poop weighs something.

    Spend your health care dollars and time on something that’s actually beneficial.

  • littlemonita

    umm yeah you probably will be running to the bathroom a lot if you dont work on weekends do it then and then take a monday off just for a day to recover haha

  • I have done this…as well as a couple of my close friends…and although the idea of doing it is a bit strange…but you do feel so much better…especially after about the 3rd & 4th time. You do get imbedded fecies in your colon over the years…and that is what a colon cleanse will clean out. Sure you may lose some weight…but that is not really the point. There are toxins that get imbedded in your colon…and you will know when they are leaving your body. That will be something that will be explained to you when you go! I would highly recommend to go a see for yourself.

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