colon cleanse?

is it real? can a teen use it? im wondering because I don’t want that nasty stuff in me.
ok…. hmm
hopefully I will eat healthy and I wont have to worry =( damn american making their healthy food so hard to reach
IS spring water any good?

(like poland spring or ozarka)


  • Joycee

    It does work..yes…not sure about a teen..I think you would have to have build up for it to work. If you eat alot of red meat I would think you could.

  • Funnel

    There will be stuff coming out you that you ate in another life, son.

  • Beautiful Girl

    My parents swear by it, lol. They take two pills everyday, and it cleanses them. When my mom first used it, she lost a few pounds because it works that well.

    If you don’t like it, don’t continue using it. Easy as that!


  • truekala

    mineral water is the best colon’s natural and suits humans bcoz humans are natural too!.water can prevent you from constipation and thus cleans your drink a lot of water especially before you sleep and after you awake.this is bcoz water will remove chemical toxins when you are at long and peace rest(sleep) thus acting as an antioxidant…asians people did this to make their face look younger and healthier…

  • Soldier In Iraq

    A colon cleanser acts much like a high power laxative…
    its for doing serious spring cleaning on yourself.
    The average person carries upwards of 5 pounds of feces in them at any given moment…suffice to say, when your girlfriend said you were full of sh*t she was right.

    I’m just super thrilled to have finally answered a question that contained the word "Colon" =)

  • Andy S

    Are you in a wheelchair? The healthy fresh food and fresh meat are usually on the lower shelves so most everybody can reach them. I assume you were suggesting the prices are high. They don’t seem that high priced. If you watch the sales you should be able to have a healthy diet.

    I’ve had colonics because I had eaten poorly and was terribly constipated. They were a god send at the time. But if you would just eat a diet with a good balance of fruits, vegetables, meats, and stay away from and caffeine constipation is rarely a problem.

    A colon cleanse isn’t needed when your bowels are moving freely.

  • cindy loo

    try this:
    4 diet:(do 3-10 days)
    pure filtered h2o
    grade b organic maple syrup-formaldehyde free
    organic cayenne pepper
    organic lemons
    sea salt-unrefined or epson salt

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