Are you aware of any natural remedies for depression?

Many doctors are so quick to prescribe pills to treat a chemical imbalance. I believe that there is such a thing as chemical imbalances, but I think there should be a way to heal without attacking your kidneys and liver with terrible anti-depressants and/or anti-psychotics. Please only SERIOUS answers are requested here.


  • hearkat

    The above herbal treatments do claim to be helpful with depression, but are still processed through the liver and kidneys. Also, because herbal remedies aren’t as well tested and regulated as medications, you can never be so sure about the potency and quality of the product you purchase. In addition, I have seen reports warning NOT to combine herbal and prescription medications. Talk with your pharmacist about possible issues arising from the substances you are taking and possible combinations — include herbals, prescriptions, over-the-counter, as well as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and any illicit substances you might use (even if only occasionally).

    Prescription medications are not "terrible" they allow MANY people with serious mental and emotional conditions to lead productive lives. The problem is that many people in the Western culture want an easy, quick-fix – a magic pill – to make their problems go away. The emotional lows that accompany difficult times in life usually did not appear overnight, nor will they resolve that way. It takes emotional and/or behavioral work to recognize how things got the way they are and to forge ahead to build a better future.

    Many people swear by the natural endorphins that are released naturally during long periods of exercise (e.g. "runner’s high"). Of course physical fitness, adequate hydration, proper nutrition and ample rest are the best foundation for health and well-being.

  • mzstorm

    I’ve heard that Valerian Root and St John’s Wort are good, but I’m not positive.

  • tesha


  • rosemary_gaines2000

    b6 2gms/day
    zinc gluconate 30mg twice/day
    manganese gluconate 10mg twice/day
    vit c 3000mg/day
    tryptophan 9000mg/day

    avoid grains,caffeine, chocolate and dairy

  • sunshine and excirse, tanning beds if there is a lack of sunshine.

    I also learned in my psycholgy class that you can simply try to reverse your thinking…catch yourself when you think bad thoughts and try to find some positives in the sitution. Such as if you lose your job instead of thinking oh im wotrthless my life is ruined think insted my boss was a jerk i can do better etc. It may seem stupied and hard to do but it really does help. try it sometime.

  • rayna

    I think herbal remedies work the best. St john’s wort and kava kava. You may want to try your local health food store as well and talk to them. Im sure there in yellow pages near you. Eating the right foods also works miracles. A proper diet. Potassium and canaloupe is also good for depression too.

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