risk of colon cancer?

I’ve had mild colitis for 10 years. I am now 35 yrs old. I have regular exams to keep a close eye on things. Having colitis does increase your risk of cancer. But now I’m findingout that both my mother & father have a history of polyps. Dr. says this increase my risk of cancer even more. How high of a risk could I really be at?


  • Paddy 1969

    Paul is right about finding foods that help as colon cancer preventive agents. The health history of your parents should not be a major consideration here, just lifestyle factors. People in Asian countries, who traditionally have eaten little red meat and dairy, have low incidence of colo-rectal cancers. The reverse is the case in meat friendly western countries. So diet plays a significant role in colon cancer.

  • you need to eat lots a garlic lots of hot pepper broccli all food fight cancers you need to do research find what helps plus propper diet

  • Tarkarri

    While both your personal history of colitis and family history of polyps can increase your risk, Paul & Paddy are correct that an appropriate diet can assist in reducing your risk.

    With cancer, no-one is ever either 100% safe or 100% at risk, so all any of us can do, irrespective of risk is live a healthy lifestyle, monitor changes in our health and undertake appropriate screening and testing as advised by our Dr. This way, should we have the misfortune of developing cancer we are in the best position to have it diagnosed early. Early diagnosis leads to early treatment which leads to the best chance of survival. Good overall health also makes it easier to cope with treatments and gives us the best chance of recovery.

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