Is there any natural remedy out there that's been clinically proven to treat or significantly reduce Anxiety?

I would like to read up on some articles that show that there is clinical proof that a certain natural supplement has been proven to reduce or treat ANXIETY. Does anyone know where I can find such an article and know of any natural supplements that do actually reduce anxiety?? ( I don’t have depression, just anxiety.)


  • kristi

    I have taken a homeopathic over the counter remedy called Calms Forte. It’s sold at walgreens or in any health food store. Pretty cheap and just mellows you out…doesn’t knock you out. I suffer from anxiety and after having taked the "hard stuff" I like the minor effect of the natural stuff better. Keeps me from feeling "out of it." Good Luck, and feel better.

  • harbor

    To get the very best answer you’d need to go to a Health Food Store. They will be able to advise you on what might work. Good luck…

  • shynecan

    Try Baccs Rescue Remedy its natropathic drops that are taken under the tongue. Very effective and if you anxiety is really longstanding you really should seek help

  • allie_cat_love

    I like my xanex and meditation for my freak outs.

  • excaliburteam1

    Alcohol, and lots of it.

  • Seebs

    I know you’re looking for a supplement, but you may want to consider some relaxation techniques to calm your mind. I’d recommend a Swedish massage, but you may also see how meditation or yoga works for you. This not only works short term, but by actually BEING calm (during the massage) you’re teaching your brain HOW to be calm. It will spill over into your every day life.

  • katiepotatie

    saint john’s wort, or hypericum, but there are lots of warnings:

  • livingdreams2day

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