how to lower cholesterol?

I was just informed that my cholesterol is extremely high. Other than meds how can I lower my cholesterol. For instance what kinds of foods are good or bad.


  • Only 20% of your blood cholesterol is from the diet. The rest is produced in the liver.
    So though diet is very important it will not control your blood cholesterol completely if it is very high.
    The treatment modalities are dependent on your age and your chance to have a heart problem. Hope your doctor discussed with you regarding the dangers of high cholesterol and the programme for you regarding retesting, diet and treatment if necessary. If not and your cholesterol is extremely high do consult with your doctor early and get advise.

    Generally avoid mutton, beef and pork.
    Fish are generally good but avoid anything with shell such as crab, prawns etc.
    Egg is controversial with some people advocating there is no harm in taking egg. But it is better to take it in moderation only.
    Drink low fat milk only. Use cholesterol free oil for cooking. Try to avoid fried foods as far as possible.
    I am sure you will get a lot of help from the net regarding detailed diet for high cholesterol.
    Do exercise regularly. 45 mts to 1 hr of walking will be excellent at least 3 times a week. If you are over weight try to get back to your ideal weight according to your BMI.

  • dc5k20a3

    any food with fiber helps lower cholesterol, wheat bread, grains, any green fibrous veggies.

  • Cribber

    Greasy meat and fried stuff, bad. Dark chocolate, berries, red rice bran, oatmeal (or Cheerios), good. Also, there is an online book that will help not only suggest things to eat and not eat but gives some recipes and so on that really help.

    If you aren’t so much into recipes.. then there is another book that is a little more ‘get down to it’ that I suggest as well

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