• Momma Knows

    Foods that are low in cholesterol are fruits & vegetables, non-fat dairy products, whole grains and soy products.

    Basically almost any product that is not animal related is usually low. When I say animal related this would include anything from am animal -meat-milk-eggs-butter.

    What you may want to do not only look for food that are low in cholesterol but foods that also lower cholesterol levels.

    One example is oatmeal. It’s soluble fiber absorbs cholesterol int he system and whisks it away. Plain, non flavored is the best since many of the flavored ones have added sugar and added fat.

    Soy has also been proven to lower cholesterol levels, so start adding soy products into the diet. Instead of putting butter on toast use one of the new spreads that have the words "heart healthy" on it. These are not only low in cholesterol but if you check different products you will see that many also state that they lower cholesterol levels.

    By consuming foods that are low in cholesterol and at the same time add foods that lower levels you are fighting this in 2 different ways.

    Also if the HDL (the good cholesterol) levels are low adding in exercise will help get them higher.

    It will often take 3-6 months to notice a big difference, so its something that need to be continuously addressed.

  • Dameon Vincent Tower

    To find foods low in cholesterol, just read the nutritional facts on the back of the box. The recommended daily value is 300 mg I think. Also Red meats are higher in cholesterol than meats like say chicken or fish.

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