Egg whites…good or bad cholesterol?

My doctor informed me my cholesterol is high. I eat alot of eggs, whites only, no yolks.


  • eyeswideopen37880

    The cholesterol in eggs is found in the yolks, not the whites, so you’re doing the right thing. Watch what else you’re eating, though…stay away from fatty meats. Make sure they’re only lean meats and fish that you’re eating, preferably marinated and grilled, not pan-fried or deep-fried. Incorporate lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains which help lower cholesterol. Also, stay away from dairy unless it’s fat-free. Finally, get a lot of exercise!

  • Dave C

    Very little cholesterol in egg whites… it’s all in the yolks. Just looking at eggs can be a red herring/a wild goose chase since there are many other factors that contribute to cholesterol.

    Also, eggs may not be the problem if you have high cholesterol. You have to look at your entire diet, especially fats, and in particular, saturated fats.

    Your weight and exercise level have the strong impact on cholesterol levels..

  • Patrick

    yolks have more colestorel

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