beer is good or bad for health?

i heard that it is good for health if we take one bottel in a month


  • Bon Bon

    too much , of course is not good for you
    i wa born in Germany
    and my parents always gave me some beer as i was growing up
    i’m not an alcoholic, and only have a beer while I eat.
    Right now, I am healthy, both physically and mentally

  • bsund

    It’s not so much the beer itself that’s good for you it’s the alcohol. The saying is "a glass a wine a day keeps the doctor away" that’s because wine, beer, liquor helps to thin your blood (hence the reason you get drunk when you consume to much) which makes your heart work a little bit easier. The rule is 1 8oz or less glass of beer or wine a day or 1-1oz shot or less of liquor. The misconception of "bad for you health" stems from the fact that people abuse it, gain weight and wreck their liver and heart. If you follow the 1 a day rule you will actually be healthier and if you choose to indulge more use discretion and don’t over-indulge.

  • iluvmy3js

    There really is no health benefit to beer. Red wine has things in it that can be beneficial to your health but not really beer. Beer also has a lot of calories which can be bad.

  • Vivalosdodgers900

    It depends on the amount of consumption. Drinking too much is unhealthy but a little every now and again is fine.

  • Rodrick Fyrsyd

    Well, it is alcohol. But it is very good for your skin, hair, and nails. So good externally, not so excellent internally. Can lead to weight gain if not moderated.

  • Vavika Moumita

    Beer is bad for health. Because it contains 5% Alcohol.

  • mach2.25steve

    I think it is said to be good for you in moderation.

  • ToxicP3

    The health benefits of drinking beer is better than drinking wine. It helps to reduce blood clots, helps to create good cholesterol (HDL) in the bloodstream, it contains antioxidants (just as red wine). Where beer is better is that it has B6, which prevents the build-up of amino acid called homocysteine that has been linked to heart disease (if wine has it, it is in a lesser amount). Those individuals who have high levels of homocysteine are usually more prone to an early onset of heart and vascular disease. Those who drink beer had no increase in their homocysteine level but those who drank wine or liquor had an increase of up to 10%.

    So my advice, drink at least 1 beer a week to 1-2 a day. Don’t over consume in single evening as it does damage your overall health (liver/kidneys etc.).

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