is atkins unsafe for you health?

My friend is only 13 years old, and she weighs 105 punds. Is it safe for her to go on Atkins diet??
*she is 5′ 3" and in my opinion she ahs no need to go on a diet. only reason she’s going on adiet is that she ‘cannot fit into her bathing suit’


  • asmul8ed

    Like any other health question…it depends on who you ask. The question should really be answered by a health professional…of which I am not. Now ask a health professional some will say no, and some will say yes, and some will say that it depends on your body/health type. I am more of the third persuasion.

    I have met people that have done really well on the Atkins (usually they were predisposed to diabetes, which the diet gains is concepts from). Others don’t do well at all on it. Of course there are the occasional few who had a bad experience with it.

    As for your friend (105 at the age of 13) is she at a "target weight" for her body type/size? She really should go talk to a health professional, and find out what is best for her, if she needs a "diet" a all.

  • intrepid18

    How tall is she? She better be less than 5 feet if she wants to go on a diet. 105 lbs is really light!

    Atkins is unsafe because it basically focuses on meat and no carbs. What happens is that you can have digestive problems and little energy. Yes, you are supposed to eat vegetables..but I know a lot of pple who were on Atkins but only focused on the meat. You need carbohydrates for the whole theory of Atkins is that instead of burning will burn fat. Yes, it does work but as soon as you go back to a normal diet with will gain back your weight! Tell your friend to try the South Beach diet..I have read it and I think its a lot more healthier and less extreme.

    But seriously being 105 lbs is light…unless your friend is really short. There may be no need to diet.

    Use the BMI to determine if she is overweight. See source

  • brunettefriend

    I’d highly recommend your friend see a doctor before going on ANY diet plan, as she is too young to be dieting in any healthy manner, she is technically still growing and can’t afford the kind of test these diets put your bodies through. It’s more about eating right, not eating less or other drastic measures.
    The Atkins diet has been criticized because some people who have gone on it for long periods of time have experienced a kind of toxicity called ketosis, where there isn’t enough carbs and your body starts dumping an acetone-type excretion that is toxic to all organs.
    Please have your friend see a doctor.

  • bubba1967smith

    Just remember, in general, DIETS ARE BAD FOR YOU. Stay away. Better to just eat low fat and healthy foods than to try out another failed diet. They might help you lose weight in the short run, but they are unhealthy and when you get off the diet you will gain your weight back and more. Diet’s trick the body into thinking you are starving it so it goes into preservation mode and lowers its metabolism in order to conserve and burn less calories.

    Your friend is too young to even consider going on any diet and she sounds like she is pretty light anyway. 105lbs is the ideal weight for a woman who is 5ft 1 inch. Unless she is much shorter than that then she doesn’t have any problem with the weight she is now. If she still wants to lose fat, then she is better off doing activities which help burn calories and keep her active and to supplement that with healthy food.

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