Health concerns with urine enemas?

I was wondering what was the highest amount that one could take safely. Some internet sources site as a healthy European spa thing. Others say that a person can’t make enough urine to cause any problems, but I wanted to know how much was possible before health problems DID start.


  • Jen D

    Waste material is expelled for a reason. No health benefits can be obtained from reintroducing it to the system.

    If you want to cleanse your colon, increase your consumption of raw vegetables, drink plenty of filtered water, and avoid processed foods and exposure to everyday chemicals.

  • SkepDoc 2.0

    Jen D has made a concise and correct answer.

    Why in the world would you want to introduce urine to your bowels? There are absolutely no health benefits. If you are healthy, there is likely to be no harm from this bizarre practice, as urine is essentially sterile, and the body can just re-eliminate the nitrogenous wastes you re-introduce if they happen to be absorbed across the intestines.

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