Does anyone know of a natural remedy to help balance a hyperthyroid problem?

My husband has it & he does not want surgery. As for the Dr.he said that no matter what he will have to take medicine for life so, my husband doesn’t think a surgery is of much help . On the other hand the Dr. suggests that this is the only way to balance it . Can someone with this kind of problem/history suggest something ?


  • angelic1

    I can’t recommend any of them personally, but if you do a google search on hyperthyroid natural remedy, you should come up with some good herbal alternatives. You should also try a health store as they probably carry similar brands.

  • graciegirl

    Yes I can!!!!!! surgery is an option but only as a last option you will need to be on meds/herbal supplements for the rest of your life for sure Ok here goes: TS II w/ Hops-balances thyroid, passion flower & Kava Kava to rlex the body, B-complex 100mg 3x daily, Lecithin -protects nervous system. Antioxidants.

    Eat plenty of Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peaches, pears, spinach, avoid dairy, stimulants, coffee, tea, and softy drinks-they stimulate thyroid function.

  • ready2nurse101

    It took me a year to get my hyperthyroid under control. I now take 100mg ptu twice a day. The doctors say hyper thyroid is the hardest to control, by removing the thyroid the put you in an hypothyroid stated, which is easier to control with synthroid.

  • manchild

    bugleweed/gypsywort or its latin name Lycopus europaeus

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