colon cleansing????????????

I have been trying to lose weight, I’m doing good so far, Someone told me i should use colon cleanser to clear all the old foods in my body?

I am willing to try this; but what is the best one?

& how should I do it? I don’t wanna use it to fast so i won’t gain back all the pounds.

Also, colon cancer runs in my family serverly, so by doing this can it help prevent it?

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    There are colon cleans capsules sold through health food stores. When I purchased one for my husband I made sure that the label said "gentle".

    The other things that help the colon is lots of vegetables, brown rice, and fruit. Things that are binding are flour products, cheese and dairy. A lack of water is also very binding because low water intake makes the stools very hard.

    Beans of any kind, stews, salads are all good for your digestion. A probiotic is a source of good bacteria that helps the digestion. One theory about cancer is that it is due to fungus. has information about this. I have now read this from more than one different source (that cancer is caused by fungus). On the website address I gave you is an oncologist who wrote a book about this. If this is true, then probiotics help kill the bad bacteria that can lead to fungus problems.

    Health is not a one step process but rather many steps, that make up the whole.

    One diet that is supposed to be medically proven to have the most benefits health wise is the mediterranean diet. The link below is a great website to find out about this. Medical studies validate this as one of the healthiest diets to use.

    Try eating better one step at a time. Oatmeal in the morning is said to help people lose weight. It tastes food, has fiber, and gives you good energy. This would be a good first step.

    The second link below is an article about oatmeal. I eat it raw. I purchase old fashioned oats,wash them off in a screen colander, place in a bowl, add rice milk and a sweetener, and I find it delicious.

    There you go. Hopefully you feel like I answered your question.

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