Can you have babies after having the thyroid removed?

My doctor said yeah, that its not a problem. but somebody I know, their doc told them to wait til after she has a baby to have it removed. I jus wanted to know from any women who has had her thyroid removed, and months or yrs later, could they have kids. and was it a long process or an easy one for them.
appreciate all answers.
i have a 8 month old baby boy, completely healthy. after giving birth, they diagnosed me wit graves disease wit a cold nodule on my neck. my friend hasnt had any babies. the doc told her to wait after having a baby to have the surgery. she thinks that she wont be able to have kids after the surgery.


  • Marks Wifee

    well, I have a thyroid condition (hashimotos) .. and have been on synthroid .125 since I was 12 years old.
    When I got pregnant (26 years old) .. the doctor increased my synthroid to .167 (for the baby) and I am fine. I’m 21 weeks pregnant with a very healthy, active baby boy!

    having your thyroid removed shouldn’t be a problem .. just make sure your medication is stabilized! and if you do become pregnant NOTIFY YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY .. becuase your medication WILL need to be increased by 1/3.
    The baby doesn’t get his own thyroid until 16 weeks .. so if yours isn’t functioning properly … it CAN result in miscarriage!
    but if you are being treated (miscarriage is caused from UNdiagnosed thyroid conditions) .. then you should be just fine!

    good luck! God bless!

  • Who Me?

    Did your friend’s Dr. tell her to wait until she had a baby she was always carrying or wait to get pregnant? If she was already pregnant he just didn’t want her to go through surgery while pregnant. I can’t see it keeping u from getting pregnant.

  • Roger N

    I would recommend having it removed first.
    It’s tough enough getting used to a new baby let alone adding surgery and recovery on top of it.
    Something to consider…
    After removal…It will take about 2-4 months to figure out what thyroxin dose age you will need and then another 2-3 months to stabilize. Imagine PMS for months straight until you stabilize. Breastfeeding may be affected.

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