What are the benefits of cholesterol?

I dont want stupid answers. How can cholesterol have a positive effect on you body. Thank You
What happens if you have to little cholesterol?

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  • thenoseknows

    Too little cholesterol leads to cognitive impairment — people taking statin drugs tend to experience decreasing mental abilities/Alzheimer-like issues.
    Your liver produces cholesterol to protect your brain, blood vessels and other tissues. High cholesterol levels result when arterial damage is occurring as the body tries to smooth over the damage done by lets say excessive calcium in the arteries. It’s not "high cholesterol" we need to worry about, it’s what’s causing it in the first place.
    The normal blood cholesterol level in Canada is between 4-6 on a blood test. It’s the drug peddlers who propagandized a 2 in order to sell more statin drugs. Since then incidence of Alzheimers has gone through the roof and patients are noticing a huge decline in muscle mass.

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