My thyroid condition is really starting to scare me now! What can I do for these next few days? Help!?

My doctor said I have this weird thyroid condition in which my antibodies are attacking my thyroid. It might be Hashimoto’s; no one is sure yet.

I’m on my period again, and I think it is getting worse 🙁 My side effects seem to keep getting worse! Like at first, it was just the fact that I always have heavy periods, with cramps, but now its also with hard stools (no diet changes), and the chills.

I am going to the doctor this Wednesday to get this checked out, but I am kinda scared now….I am only almost 17 years old (young girl), and I shouldn’t have to deal with this!

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  • 19th Y!A account

    i think you have hypothyroidism.

    im male and im 20 and i have it (found out a few weeks ago). i dont think ive developed hashimotos though (lucky me). my doctor told me 15% of women age 65 get hypo. 4 women for every guy get it with in that 15%. For my age and gender, i represent about 0.2% of the population.

    chances are your going to be put on thyroid medicine. im on one called sythroid.

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