Hi i run a Complementary Therapy/Natural Health business?

Hi i run a Complementary Therapy/Natural Health business called Wellness Creator offering a wide range of Complementary/Natural remedies and therapies such as Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology etc. How come i cant get people interested in this, i thought there was a demand! Everyone looks fine to me, so i dont bother advertising much and when i do mention it in conversation nobody seems or looks interested, i dont know wot i am doing wrong and why nobody wants this anymore, did they just stop getting stressed all of a sudden or did it grow out of demand?


  • Lewys

    where are you located email. me let me know.
    as to your question I think it is just not cool there are so many people that believe in the doctors and pharmaceutical companies anymore. It is sad to see I know but I hope that someday they will come around. People are like sheep they do what they see everyone else doing they follow the leader. I think it is going to come back in with all the green living pushes going on they will start realizing that there is another way to stay healthy. especially with all the law suits going on over prescription drugs I think they will start looking for a different root. at least I hope.

  • katie

    no, u are obviously have it in the wrong place. How do u advertise, do u have a website. It also depends on how much u charge. Life for instance there is only two places like that where i live.

  • Actually there is a big demand for this sort of thing. I am not sure what you are saying when you say ‘everyone looks fine to me, so I don’t bother advertising much’ – you have to do something to get clients in the door – some type of marketing, networking, advertising, promoting. You have to do something every day. The people you have hired have to do something every day.

    You need a website that comes up on the first page of google when people type in ‘massage, your city’. You need a business plan. There are tons of people who need it -you just have to find people who are a match for what you have to offer.

  • wolfsaromatics

    I could also be all the things going on in the world right now. I work at a place like you have in Atlanta GA and when we had the gas thing a week or two back we did not have one person come in the door and 2 of the 6 days we are open every one called and canceled. Were only 6 months back people had the cash to spend, every one is now holding on to it. maybe after the first of the year things will start back up.

    Good luck to you

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