Colon Cure?

I was recently turned to this product called colon cure and it says "that it can help you lose 20 pounds in a certain amount of time" i need a doctors or nurses opinion on this is this safe or is this some form of mumbo jumbo


  • BillyBell

    hi, i’m not a nurse or doctor but my best friend is a nurse and she agrees with me in that this product you purchased is just mumbo jumbo. it’s also probably not safe! please be careful. there’s nothing wrong with your colon! your body does a great job of "cleaning" itself, the human body has an amazing waste removal system. we have our liver to filter toxins and our kidneys as well, then our digestive system does a great job of removing all the waste from food and drink and our colon expels it. if you are in good health, it’s very unlikely that you have any problems at all in your colon. as far as losing weight, i know i’m going to sound like all those infommercials, but in reality there is absolutely no fast cure for weight loss! it’s painfully simple to lose weight, it’s just incredibly hard! you basically have to put in less calories and use up more calories, you need to make sure your diet is healthy and has foods from all the basic groups: dairy/milk, meat/protein foods, fruits/vegetables, breads/grains, fats/sugars, as well as a lot of water everyday. you need to work out AEROBICALLY (meaning that your heart rate increases and is sustained for the duration of the period you exercise) for at least 30 minutes a day. the good news to that is that you don’t need to do ALL 30 minutes at the same time, if it’s easier for you to break it down to 2 small 15 minute workouts, then that will also give you results. whatever weight loss you could possibly achieve with the "colon cure" product won’t be actual fat weight, it will be water weight. you’ll gain it right back and then some as soon as you discontinue the product. please be as safe as you can with your body. you only have this one. depending on where you bought the product, you may be able to take it back and get your money back EVEN if you used some of it, i know Long’s Drugs and Walgreen’s will take back a product with a good reason even if it’s been opened and used. good luck!

  • Rockem Sockem Hockey

    There is no cure for a colon…your stuck with having one!

  • You should never use anything that will guarantee 20 pound weight loss, especially if it has anything to do with your colon! You need to consume less calories and exercise to lose weight. Please do not risk your health!

  • Lindsey

    It depends on the amount of time, since it says it can "help" you in losing weight, it depends on if it assists you or does it all on it’s own.

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