Natural remedies for 4 month old baby with flu?

NO not my baby. The parents have no $. I will tell them to take the baby to Emergency room but I also want to give them home remedies so they can help fight the flu while they are at home too.


  • You might put the baby on a short juice fast using real juice not store juice made in a juicer. Be sure they get plenty of juice and water. Juice fasting generally helps everything.

    Carrot beet and cucumber juice mixed is good for colds. (the beet will turn urine and bowel movements red generally). Use 3 times as much carrot as beets and as cukes (like 9 carrots 3 cuke 3 beet as far as proportions…maybe 40% apple, 40% grape and 20 % berries (red raspberries would be good to use)

    A little lemon and water maybe some real maple syrup (do not give infants under one year old honey). You can touch the finger in horseradish and then touch the juice to give a hint of horseradish which will help the child cough and breathe better. not more than the smallest pinch.

    Use a juicer (often found at thrift store for 10 or less) not a blender

    You can freeze them into Popsicles or make them slushie..

    Olive leaf extract helps flu.

    You would want to get herbdoc olive leaf extract and then figure a infant dose.
    A baby is dosed by weight. An average dose for someone weighing 150 pounds if 60 drops or two dropperfuls.

    here is how to figure the dose by the baby’s weight.

    Lets say the baby weighs 15 pounds. You would make the fraction by putting the baby’s weight over the 150 so 15/150 equals 1/10th. so a baby weighing 15 pounds would take 1/10th of the adult dose or 1/10th of 60 drops so it would be 6 drops 3 to 5 times a day mixed with a little juice. I would pour a tbs of boiling water over the dose and then add the juice for safety

    here are some natural help for flu Do not do the ginger bath as too strong for a baby. I would say the red raspberry leaf tea as this is safe for an infant and I remember him using it on kids. check if your local health food store has it or sells bulk herbs and has it or get online Use distilled water to make it. An adult uses a cup dose (8 oz) a baby would use slightly less than an ounce of tea ever so often.

    Olive leaf which kills viruses is extremely safe and not reported problems giving to children

    I would use this but because it is an infant, I will reluctant to advise as it is an infant. I personally would be ok giving this to my child but I would take to er if too bad certainly.

    note if the mom is breastfeeding have her do it more as the mother makes the antibodies when the infant nurses and passes it and then she passes it back to the baby which helps the baby fight the infection.

    if mom is interbreeding have her take some raw garlic as this will be passed to the baby in the milk and is a very good antiviral.

    If bathing the baby do a moderately hot bath and flow with a cool rinse and immediately dress and cover so baby does not get sick..the hot and cold hydrotherapy often helps.

    If nose is stuffy put some eucalyptus essential oil in a vaporizer so the child can breath it.

  • Taylor

    There’s not a whole lot of effective natural remedies for the flu in an infant. You need to get your baby to a doctor because the flu can easily become fatal in infants. Especially since the flu is so bad this year. Your baby has virtually no immune system yet and the flu can turn into pneumonia and a high fever can cause a febrile seizure. It’s important that you get your child medical attention

  • thenoseknows

    Who exactly has diagnosed this child with flu? If nobody else in the house is sick, it’s highly unlikely the baby has the flu. Are the parents so dumb they can’t figure out to seek medical help on their own? The Emergency Dept. at the hospital can’t refuse to see a patient because "they have no money".

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