Are my cholesterol levels ok?

Just had my yearly physical. My bad cholesterol was 117 and good cholesterol was 35. My doctor sent my results to me in a letter and she didn’t want to see me again, so I guess everything is good, all my other results were normal. When I read online about cholesterol levels, my bad cholesterol is in the healthy range, but I read that the good cholesterol should be 60+????? Is that right? If so, how do I raise it?

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  • gHaggy

    Your bad cholesterol (LDL) can be lowered by reducing the carbohydrates and sugars in your diet. The good cholesterol (HDL) can be raised by eating more red meat (with the fat) and by exercise. Bad cholesterol numbers can be a bit misleading as the number only counts the total amount. It actually comes in two flavors—small-and-dense particles and big-and-fluffy particles. It’s the small and dense type that is related to heart disease while the big fluffy kind is not harmful. You could have a "normal" number for the "bad" cholesterol, but if it’s all the small, dense type, that’s not good. Doctors don’t always test for LDL particle size, though they should. Small, dense LDL is caused by too much carbohydrate and sugar in the diet.

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