Acid reflux and proton pump inhibitors: is there a natural remedy I could get for acid reflux?

I don’t have insurence to pay for the Proton Pum Inhibitor (Protonix) I need. I have bad pain in my esophagus at night without it.
Yes I know all about how I could get cancer in my esophagus.
I just wondered if there was a treatment I could get a the health supplement store for acid reflux.


  • "OLD MAN"

    the yogurt cure and the search for other natural remedies at Acid…
    …the yogurt cure and the search for other natural remedies at Acid Reflux/Gastroenterology/GERD…
    Natural Home Remedies, Home Remedies, Natural Health Products by
    Natural Home Remedies for Common Ailments … Soothing Acid Reflux Home Remedy. No need to run to the store for an antacid if your home has…

  • mitywombat

    start takin digestive grape bitters or just digestive bitters…my grandfather never has that problem…he says the older we get the acid in our stomach doesn’t breakdown & absorb food the way it did when younger…we need the acid in our stomach.Think about it why take an anti acid?That defeats the purpose.This may help prevent future pain.But as for now I can’t be of any help.

    btw,any good health store that sells alot of alternative medicine & herbs can usually help you with current problem…you can also get the digestive bitters there…and they can inform you of how to prevent your problem.

  • Lavida Rose

    Has your doctor advised you on dietary changes? Avoid acidic foods..milk, tomatoes, red meat, alcohol. Eliminate stressors in your life and you could try some homeopathics.

  • lampoilman

    If you truly cannot afford Protonix then
    1. Talk to your MD about Zantac or Pepcid
    2. Many drug companies have programs to provide free
    meds to poor people ask your MD
    3. Put the legs at the head of your bed up on 6" blocks.
    This will raise the head of your bed so that gravity
    minimizes movement of acid into your esophagus.

    4. Avoid caffeine,alcohol, acidic foods
    5. If appropriate use Generic Mylanta or Riopan at bedtime,
    ask your MD

  • peternal

    If you drink a couple of ounces of coconut milk before every meal, not only will acid reflux go away, you will eat less, and be able to control weight gain better…

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