Why Healthy Intestine Is Important To Overall Health Of The Body?

Experienced feeling constipated, irregular waste elimination and feeling irritable when your not? Eating mainly meats and processed foods but less or rarely to add some fibers? Then you are a candidate for colon cancer and may affect your over all health. To top it all healthy intestines is very important that’s why you need to eat right amount of alkaloids which is the fruits and vegetables and a right portion from proteins sources and other food sources to make it balance. What do you think?


  • Susan Yarrawonga

    As you are very colon cancer conscious, health conscious and diet conscious it is unlikely that you will ever get colon cancer.

    Colon health is far more important than most people realise as colon problems can trigger off a lot of further problems.

    Your comments on fiber, fruit and vegetables are very sound and if everyone had your health outlook we would need a lot fewer doctors.

    Hopefully some people will heed your helpful advice.

  • I agree

  • Hi, yes joe, you are right. Healthy intestine or colon healthy is very much important for a human body. Eating balanced diet is major factor for health of an intestine. Because all those food is processed 1st in small intestine and remaining is processed in large intestine which is colon. So while colon processes the food the toxic amount and other bacteria are also formed. If you are colon is not finding needed proteins and nutrients but more of processed food/waste part/toxic amount then unhealthy colon is likely to get affected by those bacteria.

    Intestine is like production center and food you eat is raw material. Whatever you eat intestine takes and process then by making division of good and waste part, it send good things to other organs and waste part to colon (large intestine). Again colon processes the things and then finally stool forms.

    The foods should be taken for healthy colon are:
    1. Hot beverages (hot green tea)
    2. Water: insufficient amount causes constipation and toxicity in the bowel and kidneys.
    3. Raw Spinach: It helps in cleansing colon, chlorophyll (in green vegetables) soothes and heals damaged tissue in the digestive tract.
    4. Fermented foods: Replenishes the friendly bacteria needed for a healthy colon.
    5. Fiber: It cleans out the digestive system.

    The foods that prevent colon cancer are:
    Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes, Yogurt, Tuna, oats, peas, beans, apple, carrots, green beans etc

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