Know any natural remedies for poor circulation in the hands?

I believe I have poor circulation in my hands, they are often cold and sometimes stiff and numb when other people’s aren’t. It isn’t a big deal yet, and it only happens every once in a while. Anyway, know any natural remedies for helping with this?

I once heard that you can dip your hands in extremely cold water and leave them there for a while, and then dip them in extremely hot water and leave them there and that is supposed to help. Could this work?


  • Alt Healer

    Hi Rebel

    The process you’re referring to is called hydrotherapy. It’s the most powerful physical remedy we have for any issue with the body. If you use some herbs, ginger and cayenne pepper are great circulators. My teacher (Dr Richard Shulze) has some comments below.

    Ancient Water Therapy for Faster Cures.

    Water therapy can produce cures that are not possible with herbs.
    Cold water stimulates and hot water relaxes. Together, they are like a universal pump that makes blood flow. Circulation produces cures.
    Herbs Cannot cure if blood cannot circulate. Memorize it.
    When I speak of water therapy, I am not talking about soothing baths to relax tired and tense healthy people. I am talking about physical transformations that make the “old, sick you” seem like another person.

    If you avoid these water cures out of timidity, you are cheating yourself out of a cure.
    It is the most powerful treatment a patient can do – Often more powerful than herbs themselves.

    Best of health to you

  • christine b

    l would first be seeing a doctor to make sure there are no medical reasons for this. My husband has this problem and it is part hereditory and partly from his smoking. l have him on omega 3 fish oil twice a day. it helps with all sorts of problems including circulation and cholesterol. hope this is some help. l really wouldnt try the hot and cold. you might do damage.

  • danhalldrums

    Yes, if you connect your body to the earth during sleep, by way of a grounding pad. Your body will connect to the only unlimited resevoir of free electrons availiable ( The Earth ), this has been proven to decrease your blood pulse volume by ten percent because Earthing is a Vassel dialater. Long and short of it.
    Your circulation will increase without taking any drugs or supplements of any type.

    Best Wishes……Dan Hall

  • kristenlball

    I would recommend that you do not do the hand dipping thing. You can damage your blood vessels and nerves by exposing yourself to extremely hot or cold anything.

  • foggy jones

    rub them with powered red pepper and wear gloves to bed. that is a safe organic shure-fire solution.

  • massaging the area is a great way to help circulation.

  • message with medicated oils

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