Is there any natural remedies that'll help fight off bacterial infections?

I’m not fond of taking antibiotics, I prefer natural approaches to things.
I know cranberry juice is great for UI infections but what about bladder infections, ear infections, and others?


  • hanksimon

    Go to the Health food store and ask about:

    Cranberry for Bladder infection
    Yellowroot, Goldenseal, Barberry, grapeseed, oregano oil,
    garlic, Echinacea,

    Aloe Vera for external

  • Violet Pearl

    Oil of Oregano

  • ladybug

    Or get Virgin Coconut Oil! at your health food store! I take a tablespoon in smoothies, on salads, or just by spoon…it’s antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-something else. 🙂 Plus it controls cravings and helps people lose weight.


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