dr floras colon cleanse?

has anyone tried using this and did you get the results that it states it gives you?


  • Andre S

    The Dr. Floras Colon Cleanse Supplement improves your health as it scrubs the colon of all the toxic materials that should not stay there. If these toxic substances are not removed, there will be an accumulation of poison in your body, eventually affecting the other parts. Symptoms of illness may manifest from the other affected parts and this may cause misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and eventually death. The term "death by the colon" is an apt term for this, though it is not often recognized as it should be.

  • heckenhocker

    colon cleansing is not medically necessary – the colon empties itself naturally. Eating additional fibre will give you the same result at less cost.

  • Beau.Gus

    You do not need to "cleanse" your colon…the ONLY function "colon-cleansing" serves is to make whoever sold it to you richer, and you poorer…

  • prophet

    Dr Floras has every product you will need to maximize your colon cleanse from the very start. I have had a rewarding and healthy experience using them like so many other people and would recommend them to anyone.

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