do i have a thyroid condition? am I going crazy? will I be baren? not a repost just trying new section?

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Back in April when having a physical for my new job the on site physician found an enlargement of my thyroid, after having and ultrasound and biopsy it was diagnosed as a nodule. i always thought that meant just a goiter, an enlargement of the thyroid gland, after all of the panic of thinking at 22 years of age i had cancer, things went back to normal when i found out everything was fine. since then matter of a fact during the last 3-4 months I have been having the following symptoms: dizziness, light headed, vertigo, nausea, tightness in my throat (that may not be related to the other symptoms.) and also tightness in the back upper left corner of my neck. that last one might not be related to the others either though. i have started searching for symptoms online and i have come up with a few but it seems that they are all pointing back to a thyroid condition… the only thing i cant figure out is after the biopsy the dr. just told me to have an ultrasound every year…
if the dr didnt find anything in the biopsy then i should have no reason to be on meds right? or maybe something else has happened since then im really worried can you help i also read a thyroid condition can make you barren? my husband and i have been talking about children adn i dont know what i would do if I couldnt have one. I feel like im going crazy please help is there anyone else that feels like this???????


  • Jill Z

    I don’t know if you saw an endocrinologist or not, but they typically treat these conditions. I recently started seeing an MD that is a naturopath (ND) who can very effectively treat these conditions. I have seen with myself that the "regular" doctor did not want to give me medications for my low thyroid because it was borderline, however the naturopath/MD did because he said that you cannot function on borderline. When you are in doubt, always seek another opinion.

  • cmary

    The biopsy and the meds wouldn’t necessarily be related. The biopsy is to see if the nodule if cancerous. Meds are to regulate thyroid function, which is measured through a blood test.

    You’re right that a thyroid condition can cause difficulties getting pregnant. But that can usually be easily managed through thyroid medication that will get your thyroid working at the proper level again.

    If you’re just seeing your regular doctor, I’d recommend seeing a specialist. Specifically, an endocrinologist. Before your appointment make sure you have all of your test results (like the biopsy and any blood work) forwarded to the new doctor. That will save a lot of time and make it more likely that you’ll get an answer at that first appointment.

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