What types of foods are good colon cleansers?

any good tasteing non boring


  • matt w

    Colon cleanse foods are consumed to help the body clean your colon of any faecal build up that may have occurred. Your intestines are not the best organ at self maintenance so any help it can get is a bonus. This waste build up in your digestive system can not only give you stomach problems but can affect the whole of your body.

    It is worth bearing in mind that that your intestines can quite easily get a faecal or waste build up and this is one of the reasons that eating the wrong kind of foods can actually lead to you gaining weight. This is because instead of passing freely through your digestive system “junk food” is actually very difficult to digest and this results in waste products being retained on your intestinal walls.

    So colon cleanse foods are much easier for your body to digest in most cases and even those which aren’t actually aid your colon health by cleaning the waste matter from your bowels. The really great thing about colon cleanse food is that it is abundant and does not all taste terrible! Simply eating whole fresh fruit and vegetables with or as your daily meals will help enormously.

    Especially important is to eat colon cleanse foods early in the day, preferably for breakfast. This is simply because for most the morning is when your body will do its best to rid itself of waste products. So for tomorrow why not have some nice fresh fruit for your breakfast, it tastes great and will get you on the right path to a cleaner colon. The reason they are so good is because they contain high fiber content which is one of natures best cleansers.

    For the remaining meals or snacks of the day try to either eat raw vegetables, again high in fiber, or at least add them to your regular meals. Every little bit helps. If you find that your body is having problems digesting large amounts of vegetables then slowly build up the amount you take. It may just be the your body is deficient in the special enzymes that are used to break them down. Building up gradually will allow these enzymes to build up too.

    Other colon cleanse foods include whole grains. The best tasting and most easily prepared is rice. Stick to brown rice or even basmati rice if you want a bit more flavour. These are great alternative to other similar types of food which contain high flour content. Another thing you might try is try to eat more organic proteins like fresh fish, organically reared chicken and eggs.

    By following these simple steps and increasing the amount and variety of colon cleanse foods you will not only dramatically reduce your risk of serious stomach illnesses like cancer but you will also find that your energy levels have gone through the roof.

  • k_hrdr

    oatmeal, prunes, raisins, apricots…. i like oatmeal 🙂

  • Just drink the fuggging prune juice and spend the hour on the toilet like the rest of us.. It works and it will clean you out.. Good Luck and have an Azz spraying day! 🙂

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