Natural alternative to Lexapro?

Is there a natural alternative to Lexapro that works for controlling anxiety?

I am currently taking Lexapro and am unhappy with side effects such as decreased libido. I have heard of Kava Root and St. John’s Wort but are these effective?


  • Yahoo girl


    I myself have anxiety, and for my personal reasons and along with my side effect struggles with medication, I don’t take chemical drugs for anxiety.

    I have been looking for a natural coping alternative method that would be able to help relieve anxiety troubles, and through a lot of research, and asking 100 questions, and talking with numerous doctors, this is what I have been told.

    Omega 3’s (found in fish oil and fish – be sure to only purchase fresh fish, because they won’t have the hormones and crap in them. Wild Alaskan is the best fish)

    I have been told that the Omega 3’s help with anxiety, and they have a soothing calming effect that are very similar to that of medicine. The only difference is these are natural and not chemically made.

    Flax seeds or Flax mill are also very good. They tend to help not just with anxiety, but just overall health.

    Exercise – I have been told that exercise is always good, and the less stress you have, the less anxiety. Exercise not only helps the body, but it helps the mind to calm and relax.

    Chinese herbs – and acupuncture. I don’t know about these yet as I have not tried them, but I have heard good results. Be sure just like with anything, before you start taking anything, do your research and ask questions. Don’t trust just local health food stores, because the people who work there are not professionals and have no training. They work to make sells. Be sure that your herbs are FDA approved and find a good, licensed Chinese specialist who deals within these.

    I have heard bad things about St, Johns Wort, and I personally would not take it.

    I wish you the best of luck, and remember if you do choose to go natural, don’t just stop your Lexapro cold Turkey. Do it under your doctors eyes, and taper off slowly or problems could occur.

    Also, don’t just start taking herbs, or anything for that matter. Do your research first! So many herbs and drugs can interact and cause problems. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and keep searching until you find licensed, professionals who specialize in what you are looking for.

    I have a Chinese website that I could share with you if you are interested in herbs, and I have names of doctors/what not if you are interested. (The Chinese website was given to us by our family’s Chinese doctor, and he purchases his herbs from there due to they are safe, FDA approved, and regulated by all of the laws.


    Oh, I personally think that green tea (the hot and 100% natural kind) helps, and just with me eating healthier in general, exercising, staying stress free, and keeping my mind active helps with my anxiety. The more I also work through things, good or bad, and not ignore situations, the better I tend to feel and see my anxiety lessen. (Not saying you struggle with this, but I know from personal experience if you have baggage, that can play a huge effect in everyday anxiety struggles)

  • All ways remember most natural remedies are made and sold by people with little or no medical training.Any one can open a health food store.Do not take chances with depression .Its important to work with your doctor.I paid the price for not .but learn ed the hard way And with help and love recovered,Raised a family . worked hard for 50 years .Now enjoying retirement .So can you

  • Goonhilda

    There isn’t a legitimate replacement for your medication.

    Alternative medicines are just that — an alternative to medicine. While many do offer some great benefits, most are not as effective as your current medication. Your current medication has been developed by drug companies who employ experts in their fields with years of university training to formulate the best drug with the best effects and the least side effects. Most modern antidepressants like Lexapro have side effects like decreased libido and tiredness.

    Kava Root and St John’s Wort might help you, but not if you are supposed to be taking Lexapro regularly. Taking them with your drugs could cause horrible side effects and severe illness, as these herbal treatments do have physiological effects which may interfere with your current medication. It would be VERY dangerous to take them while taking another prescription medication.

    Your best bet would be to ask your doctor if there is another drug that might suit you better. Perhaps an older drug which has different side effects might be more suitable for you.

    You should discuss this with your doctor, not Yahoo Answers.

  • MrsMike

    If you are totally off the Lexapro (because you can”t do this if you are still on it) you could try 5-HTP and L-tyrosine. Not nearly as hard core as Lexapro, but it is a natural alternative. You could also ask your Dr to switch you to something like Wellbutrin that doesn’t have the sexual side effects (so they say).

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