Health Care Problems?

What do you think is a great concern? The case of global warming (if you consider this a hoax, please don’t even answer) or the difficulty of providing health care for everyone in the United States?

What do you feel is the greatest problem with our current health care system? Are insurance companies to blame?

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  • Global warming is, of course, of great concern and a threat to the whole world and can be helped by educating all to the fact that it is happening.You’d better believe it.
    Providing health care for all in America is purely down to money but as has been proved here in the UK if you get it right it’s the best system in the world.Everybody who can afford to pay, pays through the payroll.Even the poorest in our society enjoy the same benefits as everybody else.
    It seems to me that in America there are very,very many selfish people who don’t care about the poor and their inability to pay for health care.I think President Obama should be given all the support possible to bring about health reform in your country.
    Having said that about selfish people in America I would like to say how impressed we all are in the UK with your response to the problems in Haiti.Well done,

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