what is natural progesterone cream?

i was watching tv and this girl was talking about natural progesterone cream…what the heck is that?

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  • Here’s a list of symptoms that natural progesterone can be used for to help support women’s health:

    • irregular menstrual flow, • cramping, • bloating, • natural antidepressant, • irritability, • migraine headaches, • insomnia, • hot flashes, • night sweats, • vaginal dryness, • infertility, • incontinence, • endometriosis, • restores sex drive, • normalizes blood sugar levels, • natural diuretic, • normalizes blood clotting, • uses fat for energy, • protects against breast fibrocysts, • prevents migraines, • thyroid imbalance, • important for the survival and development of the embryo, • is the primary precursor for adrenal corticosteroids, estrogens (estriol, estrone and estradiol) and testosterone produced by testes in males

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