Cholesterol question? Please help?

I have a pretty low total cholesterol level of 125. However, my HDL (the good cholesterol) seems low at only 49, but accoriding to the printout is still in the normal range and my LDL (the bad stuff) is at 54 which is also in the "normal" range. My triglycerides are at 65 if that matters.

I am worried that my HDL might be low in an unhealthy way. Do you think so or is it just low because my total cholesterol is so low as well?

If it is low how can you raise your HDL without really lowering your cholesterol any more because I have heard low total cholesterols can be dangerous as well.


  • Low total cholesterol does increase ones risk for overall mortality. The best total cholesterol for men is between 200mg/dL and 240mg/dL. The best total cholesterol range for women is between 240mg/dL and 270mg/dL. The committee of doctors who set the American cholesterol levels lower than this back in September of 2004 were being paid by the statin industry despite them claiming a "no conflict of interest". They lied. Vegetarians are known to have lower HDL cholesterol levels than meat eaters. Seventy-five percent of hospitalized coronary artery disease patients have LDL cholesterol levels below 130mg/dL, but they also usually have high triglycerides. Only twenty-five percent of these patients have LDL levels above 130mg/dL. The best way of predicting coronary artery disease is by dividing your triglycerides by your HDL. (TG/HDL) This should be less than 2… preferably closer to one. The Japanese average a 1.5 with this ratio. You seem to have a good TG/HDL ratio. If you want to raise your HDL eat more unrefined natural fats like Virgin Coconut Oil, "cold pressed" pure 100% extra virgin olive oil, walnuts, avocados, organic peanut butter with organic palm oil, etc. and avoid HFCS, sugar, and flour.

  • Nicole Bradley

    You can try eating food that are good to maintain your cholesterol at a healthy level such as extra virgin coconut oil, olive oils and avocados. It is important to maintain a good ration of LDL and HDL. You can also try exercising and go on a low cholesterol diet which boost the needed cholesterol but lowers the bad cholesterol.

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