blocked colon???????

i have been told on numerious occasions (excuse my spelling) that this is what my 3 yr old daughter has,she has been on laxatives for about 6 months..could someone please tell me if there is a web site that is aimed at childrens health issues that could maybe tell me more about what this means. ps i know what constipation is but want to know if there is a difference between that and a blocked colon and the side effects of laxatives etc etc
my daughters gp just said its because she isnt going to the toilet enough,he wants her to go every day,but ive tried and she wont…it hurts her,ive tried diet change and all that
the laxatives have come from my gp,he says they unblock it but when i stop giving them her she just blocks up again


  • TweetyBird

    Your daughter must have some stool. It depends on what is causing the blockage. Is it stool impaction, intesusseption, stenosis, some other structural defect? Without more information I can tell you only that a blocked colon means a blocked colon and is more than simple constipation. You can check out and look at this. Look at the package for side effects of laxatives.

    I strongly suggest you request a GI referral for your daughter to uncover the exact cause of the blockage and to explore possible corrective measures.

  • jazzivey

    dont give her anymore laxatives. that is probably why she has a blocked colon, take her to the doctor and they will prescribe her something. if no insurance give her a whole,whole,whole, bunch of splenda.

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