what would happen if you take thyroid medication and you don't have a thyroid condition?

i dont have insurance but i think i might have a thryoid condition. Im alwyas tired…and i’ve been dieting like crazy and my weight but won’t budge….my friend gave me soem of her medication. What would happen if i did take it? what if i didnt have the condition and i took some…


  • Krista

    Do not take thyroid medicine if you do not have a thyroid condition. Medications made for hypothyroidism are made to increase your heart rate. This can be extremely dangerous especially if you have an underlying heart condition. Having your thyroid checked is a simple blood test. You can go into the doctor and have your levels of "thyroxine" checked, which is the thyroid hormone. A blood test is a safer method to diagnose your symptoms, and can be cheaper than if you end up in the hospital after having an adverse reaction to your friend’s medication. You should have your iron stores checked simultaneously during the blood test, especially if you have been dieting.

  • Lisa A

    Worst case scenario? You give yourself a heart attack and die.

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