What use is colon cleaning?

Someone told me I could be walking around with pounds of crap in my body from years of development and that I should do a colon cleanse. I’m curious if this is true and if it’s all really stored in my colon. What should I use to get all this crap out of my body, it’s freaking me out and I’m getting worried.

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  • The colon is self cleansing.
    Colon cleanse will give you holisic diarrhoea!
    Colon cleansing can increase the risk of dehydration, and in some cases, certain laxatives can raise the body’s electrolyte level–a danger to those with kidney disease or heart disease.
    The two ways of cleansing the colon, via detoxification supplements and induced-flushing, are both associated with health hazards. Both the detoxification processes involve varying degrees of body-shock, manifesting in symptoms such as anxiety, migraines, nausea, depression, constipation and diarrhea. Medical professionals believe that the colon is completely self-sufficient to handle regular cleansing, without any external intervention. Colon cleansing detox supplements are also known to trigger allergic reactions, stomach cramps and severe joint ache. The effect of the cleansing on the immune system and related body functions can be life-threatening.

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