Thyroid Gland Disease & TTC?

My doctor said i have a Thyroid Gland Disease (unbalanced low-Hormones) not enough hormones and it can stop a lot of my health problems. My period was acting up right after my last shot of Depo Pervera (4/2007), it will come for 2months straight then stop for 3 months and so on. I have to take these pills to balance it out and he want to check back with me in a month.. Before all of this i did not know what was going on but we was TTC and no success and now i know why kind of… has this happend to other females also?

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  • Face T

    I am assuming the thyroid condition was hypothyroid (which is common), which can be addressed with meds. Also get checked out for PCOS which causes similar irregular cycles and is also a very common fertility condition.

    Good luck.

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