• A few things that I had to learn the hard way. I have high cholesterol myself and rather than go on a pill for the rest of my life I decided to try to control it with diet. I stopped eating all meats, eggs, and oils. If it had any cholesterol in it, I did not eat it. After 3 months I checked my numbers…

    I almost wanted to cry when my cholesterol was the highest it had ever been! It was a whopping 240. I asked my doctor and he explained that your liver makes most of the cholesterol in your system and if you wont eat it your body makes what it needs. Plus all the carbs I was eating raised my triglycerides to over 300 which is part of your overall cholesterol.

    The biggest concern about your cholesterol should be how high your good cholesterol is. The higher this number the better off you are. The higher your good cholesterol the better chance you have of not developing heart disease. If your good cholesterol is over 40 and your bad cholesterol is under 200 I honestly would not worry too much about it. If your bad cholesterol is over 200 I would start thinking about taking a low dose of a statin.

    There are studies that have come out in the last few months that you can read about here: http://www.everydayhealth.com/high-cholesterol/0326/low-bad-cholesterol-levels-may-be-linked-to-cancer-risk.aspx that talk about people with low cholesterol have a higher risk of cancer. So dont stress about getting your numbers too low.

  • RMG09 Guardian

    Honey Nut Cheerios

  • Daniel K

    Here what I did to lower my high cholesteral and blood pressure.
    Only drink water, fruits and penutbutter for lunch, oatmeal with eggs for breakfast, or with a banna, and for dinner a salad with chicken, or some other kind of lowfat meat. No more going out to eat, or soda pop it was the hardest thing for me to give up, but I have physical goals and i can’t reach them without proper diet.

  • HealthFreak

    make green smoothies (recipes on youtube)

  • Pearl L

    you eat low fat stuff and get meds from your doctor

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