How can I commercialize a natural health product (antibacterial) before FDA approval? any good references, etc?

I am interested in knowing the options to put in the market an antimicrobial agent (fastest options). Any help, references will be appreciated,


  • To the response before this, I understand your concern, and I’d agree with it, but I don’t believe that (s)he is saying FDA approval isn’t being sought out eventually. Rather, I get the impression that in the meantime between the approval (which from what I’ve heard, the approval may be a very lengthy time period), understandably, some return on the cost of production would be sought as well as a sort of trial run.

    I do not know the industry, but, I do believe that especially if it’s a natural health product, you can sell it as a natural food rather than a medicine, in the same classification of herbs and herbal teas which are sold alongside organic foods rather than on the same grocer aisle as medicines. I’d look into marketing it in this fashion, and though this means you cannot make actual backed medical claims (I do not know the details), there are always around this, especially if marketed well.

    All the best.

  • Patrick D

    Why don’t you want FDA approval? Is it because like most sellers of alternative "medicine" you know your product doesn’t really work? Or is it actually dangerous to consume?

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