high cholesterol question?

Recently, I was diagnsed with high cholesterol(274) , but my triglicerides were borderline. NOw, I have brought my cholesterol down to 253, which I do realize is still high, but I have made my triglicerides high now (14 pts higher than it should be). Any suggestions?


  • SGT V

    Understand what elevates the values. Do not listen to people who state, "don’t worry.. cholesterol is a number made up by doctors". Those people have issues. High cholesterol is the product of saturated fat in your diet and genetics. Elevated triglycerides are part genetic but can be traced directly to your carbohydrate intake. Elevated triglycerides sometimes can be a precursor to diabetes onset. Carbs, sugars, and alcohol are broken down in the same fashion in the body.
    Total cholesterol is an important number but more important are the HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterols and the ratio between the 2.
    When I was in the USAF cholesterol was just being recognized as a major cause of heart disease. I was 19… my total cholesterol was 421, triglycerides-396. Went on a low fat diet (basically I cut out my usual breakfast of steak and eggs) and portion control. In 30 days my cholesterol number was down to 230. I take Gemfibrozil for my elevated triglycerides and have altered my carb intake. My total cholesterol was 98 at last check. My VA primary care doc wants me to take a "statin" drug to raise my good,m and lower my bad cholesterol but I do not like the interaction of the medications so I have increased exercise. I have linked you to WebMD where you can find out about diet, and other factors that elevate your cholesterol & triglycerides. Also ways to reduce both. Best of luck.

  • chickenjoe

    cheerios!!! 🙂

  • Dave87gn

    high cholesterol is a myth

    take 400iu of vitamin E daily and dont worry about your cholesterol, its just a made up value by some doctor

  • radha k

    Take garlic . its good medicine for high cholesterol

  • Doctor Acupressure

    Lungs work to purify the blood and the liver neutralizes the toxins. Moreover, in order to produce bile, the liver uses cholesterol. So, in case of any problem about high cholesterol, along with change in the diet (light diet), one must pay attention to activate the liver.
    ( 2 ) Eat 2 pieces of black pepper or clove after each meal.
    (3) Eat 1 teaspoon mixture of 50 % powder of dried coriander seeds and 50 % powder of dried cumin seeds (known in India as Dhaulagiri (snfar-^kr). This is an anti-oxidant and can be taken throughout life.
    ( 4 ) Eat a mixture of 50 % powder of Cinnamon + 50 % pure honey-twice a day for 45 to 60 days.
    (5) Take Blue light on Liver-stomach area for 4 to 6 minutes twice a day for 12/15 days.
    And see the wonderful result just in 15 to 30 days.
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  • Georgia

    What changes have you made in your diet? For my husband we had to become strict with low fat foods (cheese, meats, etc), I now only use olive oil for cooking, we eat more whole grains, fruits, raw veggies and salmon. He also picked up his activity level first with walking and later added swimming and workouts.

  • Hamba

    INCREASE your ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL) by taking Omega 3 (you can find it over the counter). Do not take one combine with Squalene, omega 6 and 9. Just omega 3, high strength is more preferred.
    Try also eat ‘good’ fat from avocados.

    Lower your ‘bad’ cholesterol by reducing fat, esp saturated fat and trans fat. Avoid fried foods, try steamed, cooked or grilled ones.If you need to fry, fry it with sunflower oil or corn oil.

    Reduce your carbohydrate intake, less sugar (including cookies, cakes, pop sodas, ready-made coffee etc).
    Live an active life: use stairways instead of elevators/escalators, standing instead of sitting, more walking (5 days a week, one hour each), park your car farther from the entrance door so you’ll walk more.

    Take Garlic (fresh or capsuled). There is odorless garlic nowadays in market. Take vit. E as well to help our body deal with the fats.
    reduce smoke. It robes most nutrients your body need. Reduce alcohol intake!

    A long list of answer. Bottom line: Change your life style.
    I did it, and the dr release me from medicine like lipitor.
    Hope this will help you too. Good luck!

  • Stella Chiu


    I used "fasting" to lower my level. I had a very good result.

    Stella Chiu

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