Colon Cleansing?

I have been really sick for 4 months lost alot for weight, always have nausea. Also lose of appetite and just fell really sick. Have had all stomach and gallbader test and all came back good. Today I had a colonocosy that showed 1 polyp, and doc said it was not cancerous, but is still testing it. I have heard that a toxic colon can make yoy very ill. I was wondering if a colonocopy would show a toxin colon. Or is there toxins that they cant see that can make yoy ill? I also thougt I could have parsites, but never came up. I am only 19 and right before this all happend I went under alot of stress. I beleive stress had something to do with it, but my problems just keep getting worse.


  • 80's Leotard Chick

    I would go to the nearest natural health food store and buy a colon cleanseing kit. I have the habbit of getting constipated (think it’s due to my workouts) and this helped my out quite a bit. I think you have a lot of toxins and built up crap(literally) and need to get rid of it. Again a colon cleansing wich takes about 2 weeks will help you quite a bit…in your case I would get enough for a month or 2. And yes tress can cause constipation and make theese problems.

    I hope this helps for you.

  • Mildred S

    i know there is a lot of stuff on tv about this . i would do whatever your DR says. Keep pushing to get your questions answered.

    doctors sometimes tell you that it is due to stress / mental health when they can’t find the reason.

    my mother went to ER for extreme stomach pain. They did not find a reason and told her that it was all in her head. We went to a different ER and they did more testing and found out she had a ruptered appendix . she could have died if we did not go to another doctor for opinion .

    when the body doesn’t work / there is usually a reason

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