Any natural remedies against flat warts?

About 2 weeks ago I seemed to have caught flat warts from my best friend. Right now I have small reddish bumps on my arms and hands up almost to the shoulder, mostly on my right arm. Since they’re so wide-spread, I think using bandaids with a solution would be rather perilous.. Is there anything like natural capsules or pills I could take from a Natural Health Store to fight them QUICK from the inside?? Thanks!!

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    Based on a study conducted on the various types of oregano, it was determined that these herbs were able to kill bacteria due to the heavy content of phenolic substances found in their cellular structure.

    Oregano, by connecting the free radicals released from the cells within its contents, is very healthy and improves the body’s cell protection system.

    Oregano prevents the formation of cancer and diabetes and regulates the level of cholesterol. This characteristic prevents tumors and slows ageing of cells.

    Natural protector:

    As we all know, many additives are used to protect food against spoiling. Although scientists believe these chemical additives have no adverse effects on humans when used properly in correct amounts, they still recommend using natural preservatives. This is where oregano comes in. It is even possible to say the miracle of oregano is that, as a natural food preserver, it eliminates the adverse effects and risks that chemical additives have.

    For Warts or Boils: Saturate affected area(s). Cover with a bandage. Repeat dressing until lesions are clear.

    NOTE:Oil of Oregano can also be taken internally. You can find it at any health food store or G.N.C

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